About me

It is said that „when life offers you lemons, make lemonade”... and this blog was created somehow in the same spirit - as an awakening to life!
I reached to a moment in life whenI found myself ruminating after sweet-bitter lessons of life and years that had not yet been lived as I wished, for the children who couldn’t be born, for those fragile family relationships or diffuse friendships that somehow disappeared with no reason, for all those plans that haven’t been accomplished as desired, feeling like being vanished away as a haze or an autumn leaf carried out by a gust of wind, and – I decided to cling on "survival" building this blog in spare moments, idea after idea, page after page, as a continuation of a dream and a vivid desire for life, with emotions, thirst for action, glimmers of joy and curiosity.

So, I wish "Traveling to Norway" to offer you a different perspective for your long time awaited vacation, traveling around the beautiful Norwegian land and all the amazing changes that can be revealed by such a journey.

I am a Romanian with a very strong passion for tourism and Norway, as well, so I decided to combine these two “addictions” and create this blog where to put together sundry information that may be useful for any other world traveler willing to visit this wild and beautiful country with breathtaking landscapes.

Yes, I am coming from Romania (please do not confuse us with gypsies) a fascinating country with impressive yet turmoil history (a nation that resist in front of Roman, Ottoman, Austro-Hungarian and Russian domination) and beautiful people with amazing minds that changed the world (Romanian Inventions that changed the world).

Here are only few reasons that will always make me feel proud of being Romanian:

- Ana Aslan - biologist, physician and inventor, the author of essential research in gerontology;
- George Emil Palade - cell biologist, winner of the Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine (1974)
- Nicolae Paulescu - the inventor of the insulin;
- Victor Babeş - biologist and early bacteriologist, one of the founders of microbiology;
- Stefan Odobleja - the father of Cybernetics (10 years ahead of Norbert Wiener);
- Petrache Poenaru - the inventor of the fountain pen;
- Henri Coanda - the inventor of the jet engine, aerodynamics pioneer;
- Traian Vuia, Aurel Vlaicu - inventors, pioneers in aviation;
- Emil Racoviţă - biologist, speleologist and explorer of Antarctica;
- Grigore Antipa - biologist;
- Ioan Cantacuzino - physician and bacteriologist;
- Constantin Ion Parhon - endocrinologist, neuropsychiatrist;
- Anghel Saligny - engineer;
- Dumitru Prunariu - first Romanian cosmonaut;
- Grigore Moisil - mathematician and computing pioneer;
- Ion Barbu - mathematician and poet;
- Spiru Haret - mathematician, astronomer, politician;
- Herman Oberth - Rocket designer;
- Constantin Daicoviciu - historian and archaeologist;
- Horia Hulubei - atomic/ nuclear physicist;
- Henri H. Stahl - anthropologist, social historian;

- Mihai Eminescu - the most influential Romanian poet;
- Eugene Ionesco - drama writer, one of the initiators of the theater of the absurd;
- Mircea Eliade - philosopher, writer and the author of the first complete history of religions;
- Ion Luca Caragiale - playwright and short story writer;
- Ion Creanga, Marthe Bibesco - writers;
- George Cosbuc, Nichita Stanescu - poets;
- Constantin Noica, Emil Cioran - philosophers, writers and essayists;
- Constantin Alexandru “C.A.” Rosetti - literary, political leader, publicist;
- Nicolae Iorga, Mihail Kogălniceanu, Titu Maiorescu - historians, writers and politicians;
- Neagu Djuvara, Alexandru Paleologu - historian, essayist, philosopher;
- Petre Ţuţea - philosopher, victim of the communist regime.

- Constantin Brancusi - “the father of modern sculpture”;
- Nicolae Tonitza, Lucian Grigorescu, Alexandru Ciucurencu, Iosif Iser, Stefan Luchian, Theodor Pallady, Nicolae Maniu - painters;
- Jean Negulesco, Sergiu Nicolaescu, Cristian Mungiu, Cristi Puiu - movie makers;
- Birlic, Maria Filotti, Toma Caragiu, Amza Pellea, Maia Morgenstern, Marcel Iures - actors.

- George Enescu, Ciprian Porumbescu, Grigoras Dinicu - composers and violinists;
- Dinu Lipatti - pianist;
- Sergiu Celibidache - had a vast experience in conducting orchestras;
- Maria Tanase and Tudor Gheorghe - traditional and popular music singers;
- Angela Gheorghiu - opera singer and one of the most famous contemporary sopranos;
- Ileana Cotrubas - opera singer;
- Gheorghe Zamfir - musician, pan flute player;
- Iancsi Korossy - jazz player;
- Mihai (Michael) Cretu - “Enigma” founder.

- Simona Halep - a Romanian professional tennis player who is currently ranked world Number 3;
- Nadia Comaneci - the perfectionist Olympic gymnast;
- Sandra Izbasa, Lavinia Milosovici, Catalina Ponor, Andreea Raducan, Daniela Silivas, Irina Spirlea, Doina Melinte, Gabriela Szabo - Olympic gymnasts/ athletes;
- Ion Tiriac, Ilie Nastase, Andrei Pavel, Simona Halep - tennis;
- Gica Hagi and Helmut Duckadam - football;
- Leonard Doroftei, Mihai Leu and Lucian Bute - world champions in professional boxing;
- Gheorghe Muresan - NBA basketball player;
- Elisabeta Polihroniade and Adolf Albin - chess champions;
- Elisabeta Lipă - holds the rowing record for most Olympic medals;
- Ivan Patzaichin - flatwater canoer, won 7 Olympic medals;
and many, many other valuable personalities with amazing minds and human qualities.

Our natural treasures: the Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve (UNESCO World Heritage Site), The Retezat and Piatra Craiului National Parks, Carpathian Mountains, Muddy Volcanoes, Băile Herculane, Bicaz Gorges, The Sfinx, Coliboia cave (unique cave paintings, the oldest European culture), Corbi Cave monastery in the Jgheaburi village, Bamboo plantation in Gurasada town, The first arboretum in the country (1892) - the reserve of red oak in Mihăeşti village, Botanical Reserve with peonies near Zau de Campie, the scenic waterfalls, lakes and caves, and gorgeous wildlife (Black Forest Bison Reserve from Bucşani).

Our architectural treasures: Paleolithic cave paintings - The horse drawing from Cuciulat, Roman ruins from II-III centuries, the only preserved walls and fortresses in Surducu Mic, the oldest wooden church in the world, the Virgin Birth Church-Hill (built in 1364), Moldavian medieval orthodox Monasteries, The whole cave of Murfatlar (chalk ancient churches), The Clock Tower in Sighisoara, the collection of poisonous arrows from Zápolya house (late XV century), etc.

Our specialties: appetizing cuisine, flavored wines, warmhearted people able to keep their good humor even in a challenged life, Latin language and soul.