Monday, August 25, 2014

Unique activities in Norway

Loshavn, Southern Norway (Photo TMG)
Loshavn, Southern Norwa

In Norway you can participate to various and unique activities, such as:

- Basecamp SHIP IN THE ICE (the only ice-bound hotel ship in the world) - Spitsbergen;
- Bird Sanctuary at Runde Island;
- Elksafari/ moosesafari in Marnardal;
- Fjord and Midnight sun cruises;
- Fossils hunting in Svalbard Isl.;
- Helicopter Sightseeing;
- Ice caving in Svalbard Isl.;
- King crab safari;
- Langedrag Naturpark;
- Moving the reindeers during the spring to Finnmarksvidda; 
- Seal safari;
- Spend the night in a lavvo (Sami tent);
- Stand up Paddleboard;
- The Atlantic Sea Park;
- The Mineralpark (Mineralparken);
- Troll safari in the National Park Reinheimen close to Trollstigen;
- Visit Husky farm and puppy training;
- Whale/ Orca safari.