Sunday, August 17, 2014

Tromsø - the Midnight sun and Northern lights - a fantastic lifetime adventure

And what about experiencing a fantastic lifetime adventure at Tromsø, witness the Midnight sun or chase the Northern lights?

I was always wondering how would be a trip to Tromsø and experience adventure to its core, meet Sami people, admire reindeers, pure wilderness, fantastic landscapes and maybe once in a lifetime show of colors and lights, a different chance to another perception for all your senses?

Tromsø (Photo by Benutzer Fjellheisen)
How would it be to have the chance to observe the midnight sun’s warm glow or chase the Northern lights, meet the Sami people and be a part of their wonderful traditions even for a couple of days, be in the middle of such a magnificent landscape full of fluffy snow and ice like taken from a winter fairy tale, visit the magnificent ice caves, admire polar bears... or feel the frozen air and the warmth breath of sliding dogs, taste from a Sami food delicacy or freshly boiled cup of coffee in front of a small camp fire...

Sami people - how would be to witness for a while the oldest culture from Northern Norway, the Sami people, see them raising and herding reindeers, listening to their Joik song (one of the oldest traditional music in Europe, still kept alive), wearing some of the „Duoddji” knitted jackets or boots, crafted by them with so much creativity following local traditions by eons, and taste from „bidus” (a thick and brown soup made from reindeer boiled meat, carrots and potatoes served by Sami people as delicacy at parties and weddings).

Reindeers - how would be to come across a domesticated or wild reindeer while traveling to Norway, and especially to Northen Norway, see them graze freely in open areas in summer and winter pastures, or on their way to the coast where they spend the whole summer under the Midnight sun, or digging down the fluffy snow searching for lichen in winter?
And what about joining reindeers Spring migration in April, when thousand of them will move from the plain to the coast areas, and find out what the work of a reindeer herder involves, help to move the herd on snowmobiles, prepare food, leave in a Sami lavvo tent, and certainly take stunning photographs?
And if traveling in early summer you may have the chance to see moulting reindeers, the time of the year when „Rudolf” - the Santa Claus’ favorite reindeer will look a little bit ragged. : )

Northern Lights (Photo by Gaute Bruvik)
Northern Lights (Photo by Gaute Bruvik)
Northern lights - a natural and unique phenomena that mesmerizes all of us within the Arctic Circle, from November to the end of March, and when the night passes without going dark... at all sometimes.
Here you’ll have the chance to go in the depths of winter wearing warm arctic proof boots and clothes, take night photographs of the mountains and capture the flickering lights dance over the Arctic sky and scenery, while driving your own dog sled and experience the awesome feeling of being in the middle of nowhere - you and the magical Aurora Borealis!

The midnight sun - another fascinating phenomena in Nordic area, when the sun never sets during summer at North of the Arctic Circle and for few months is visible 24 hours a day.
In this period of time you can experience a magnificent midnight sun either strolling down the streets visiting a variety of shops, eating local tasty fresh seafood and drinking in a cozy cafe, bar or restaurant, and taking a safari or cruise... and nothing compares to that absolutely gorgeous feeling to be on a fishing or cruise boat surrounded by so many sensations offered by the lights dance and colorful show right in front of your eyes... wide open to don’t miss a thing! : )

In Tromsø you can taste appetizing Norwegian seafood, visit the Arctic Cathedral and participate to:
- Cultural events - art exhibitions, library events,
- Sami Arctic Winter Market,
- Sami Week - in 6th of January,
- The Great Bike Festival - Arctic Race of Norway,
- Visit Tromsø Lyngenhorse center.

In Tromsø and Lofoten you can experience amazing outdoor activities:
- a day trip to the island Ørja - for collecting seagulls eggs,
- dogsledding (with Alaskan Huskies),
- hiking,
- kayaking and canoeing,
- lasso throwing,
- Midnight sun trips,
- Northern lights trips,
- Reindeer racing,
- skiing, snowmobile, snowshoeing,
- take a cruise around fjords,
And many other fantastic activities.

Hope that traveling to Norway you’ll put Tromsø on your „must visit” holiday destination list!