Saturday, August 2, 2014

Outdoor and indoor activities for kids

In Norway are a lot of wonderful possibilities for your kids to have fun, enjoy the nature and relax.
In such places you may get the sweet feeling that even just for a moment the time stands still, you are a child again, have no worries, the entire world belongs to you, and all you care is to have a great time.

Outdoor activities for kids in Norway:
- aquariums - Bergen Aquarium, the Norwegian Wild Salmon Centre in Lærdal and Polaria in Tromsø,
- amusement parks - TusenFryd and Bø Sommarland, Hunderfossen/ Hunderfossen Winter Park, Kongeparken Family Park in Stavanger (including the Freia Chocolate Factory), Kristiansand Zoo and Amusement Park,
- battlefield,
- biking,
- bobsleigh at the Olympic Bobsleigh,
- discovery parks,
- dogsliding,
- farm holidays - Gudbrandsdalen Valley’ medieval farm, open farm in Bogstad,
- horse riding,
- ice skating,
- kayak,
- local parades and festivals,
- naturepark - The Oslo Reptile Park and Langedrag,
- rafting,
- snorkling,
- skiing lessons,
- tobogganing - in sky resorts,
- zoo - Polar Zoo,
- water games (in inflatable boats). 
Local festival Norway (Own photo)
Indoor activities for kids in Norway:
- aquariums,
- art galleries - Oslo, Bergen and Lillehammer,
- Botanical garden - Oslo,
- indoor climbing, bowling, go-karting and paintball,
- indoor playing grounds - Child Planet in Oslo, Atlanterhavsbadet in Kristiansund, Grottebadet in Harstad and Drammensbadet in Drammen,
- museums - the International Children's ArtMuseum (Barnekunst Museum), the Kon-Tiki Museum, the Fram Museum and the Viking Ship Museum - Oslo, Norsk Folkemuseum,
- Nobel Peace Center,
- swimming in covered pools,
- theaters and movie theaters.