Friday, August 15, 2014

Norwegian music and unique festivals to go

Here are few lines and videos about Norwegian music that will make you understand better the local atmosphere and enjoy your traveling experience to Norway, and also a list of fantastic unique festivals to go - if you love entertainment from Monday to Sunday : ) - and combine relaxation with the pleasure of listening some excellent bits of music, either alone or in a good company.

In 19th century, Norway gave outstanding composers like Edvard Grieg and Johan Svendsen that brought symphony music and concerts at high standards and performances, while later on was influenced by international music getting closer to social dancing and entertainment.

Norwegian folk song

Norwegian folk dance

Later, the tendency in Norwegian music was to reveal its roots and express traditional sounds and lyrics being closer to epic folk songs (the medieval ballads), folk music (both instrumental and vocal), Sami music (joik), North Germanic (ballads) and influenced by Viking age, myths and fairy tales, while nowadays we can perceive a rebirth of it in an eclectic way, with a combination of traditional instruments, folk music and modern influences.
Sami music

Norwegian music has influences from traditional Norwegian sounds and bit of European touch and vibes.

Modern music - A-HA - famous Norwegian group

Modern music - Ole Paus

While traveling to Norway don't miss the chance to enjoy traditional and contemporary (live) music going to these unique festivals:

- Grieg in Bergen - Bergen - tba,
- Hardanger Music Festival - Ullensvang - in June,
- Ice Music Festival - Geilo - in January/ February,
- Inferno Metal Festival - Oslo - in March/ April,
- Norwegian Wood Festival - Oslo - in June,
- Polar Jazz - Longyearbyen (Svalbard) - in February,
- Riddu Riddu Festival - Kåfjord - in July,
- The Førde Traditional and World Music Festival - Førde - in July,
- Vikingrock - Gudvangen - in July.