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Norwegian public holidays

Norwegian public, religious and bank holidays:

National Holiday Norway
National Holiday in Norway (Photo by TMG)

Date    English name/ Norwegian name    Remarks

1. January 1 - New Year's Day/ Første nyttårsdag    
2. 9th February - Mother´s Day             
3. 13th February - Palm Sunday
4. Thursday (Moveable) - Maundy/ Skjærtorsdag - The Thursday before Easter Sunday
5. Friday (Moveable) - Good Friday/ Langfredag - The Friday before Easter Sunday
6. Sunday (Moveable) - Easter Sunday/ Første påskedag
7. Monday (Moveable) - Easter Monday/ Andre påskedag - The day after Easter Sunday
8. May 1 - Labour Day/ Første mai - Arbeidernes dag/ International Workers' Day
9. May 17 - Constitution Day/ Syttende mai or Grunnlovsdagen - Celebration of the Constitution of 1814 (National Holiday Norway)
10. Thursday (Moveable) - Ascension Day/ Kristi himmelfartsdag - 39 days after Easter
11. Sunday (Moveable) - Pentecost/ Første pinsedag - 49 days after Easter
12. Monday (Moveable) - White Monday/ Andre pinsedag - 50 days after Easter
13. 9th November - Father´s Day
14. December 25 - Christmas Day/ Første Juledag         
15. December 26 - Christmas Day/ St. Stephen's Day - Andre juledag/ A Christian saint's day celebrated on 26 December in the Western Church and 27 December in the Eastern Church
16. 31st December - New Year´s Eve

Bank Holidays in Norway in 2014:
1 January           
17 April           
18 April           
21 April             
1 May
29 May  
9 June    
24 December     
25 December 
26 December 

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Save money with Oslo pass, Bergen card and Fjord pass

Save money and enjoy traveling to Norway!

As a traveler in Norway you can find few smart ways to save money and enjoy your visit here even more!
The Oslo pass, Bergen card and Fjord pass will bring a large smile on your face - no matter if you're traveling alone, with family or friends.
Oslo pass
Oslo pass (Photo from Visit Oslo)
The Oslo Pass – can be obtained from the Tourist Information in Oslo, is valid for 24, 48 or 72 hours and gives visitors:
- free entrance to 36 museums and attractions,
- free travel on all public transport within zone 2,
- free parking in all municipal car parks in Oslo,
- free admission to indoor and outdoor swimming pools,
- free Mini Cruise (valid only with the 72 hour pass),
- free guided summer and winter walks,
- discounts on sightseeing,
- Tusenfryd amusement park,
- ski rental,
- guided bike tours
and special offers in restaurants, shops, entertainment and leisure venues.
* The card is valid from the first time it is stamped and for the stated number of hours. The Children’s Pass is valid for children from 4-15 years incl. 

Bergen card
Bergen card (Photo from European city cards)
The Bergen Card – can be obtained from the Tourist Information in Bergen, is valid for 24 or 48 hours and gives visitors the chance to experience the cultural city of Bergen enjoying:
- free bus travel within the city limits,
- free admission to most museums and attractions,
- discounts on a variety of cultural and sightseeing attractions, restaurants and discount on parking in Bygarasjen.

Fjord pass (Photo from Fjord pass)
The Fjord Pass – can be obtained from the Fjord Tours, and gives you discounts on hotels, activities and rental cars in Norway. (Fjord Pass 2014: Price NOK 150)
- Up to 50% off on about 100 hotels, guesthouses, cabins and apartments all over Norway, and is valid for 2 adults and accompanying children under the age of 15.
- 15 % off on rental cars for traveling in Norway on suggested routes with spectacular natural experiences, activities and attractions for adults and kids.
- between 10% and 25% discount on various activities and can be bought together with your hotel booking.

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Lighthouses in Norway

Enjoy the spectacular scenery from the top above sea level over sun-warm cliffs stretching for miles, narrow beaches, and ancient stones listening to the melodic waves sound, letting yourself surrounded by total tranquility from most known Norwegian Lighthouses - displayed in alphabetical order by county:

Steilene lighthouse, Nesodden (1827)

Homborsund lighthouse, Grimstad (1879)
Lille Torungen lighthouse, Arendal (1844 - 1914)
Lyngør lighthouse, Tvedestrand (1879)
Saltholmen Fyrstasjon, Lillesand (1882 - 1952)
Sandvikodden lighthouse, Arendal (1844 - 1934)
Stangholmen lighthouse, Risør (1855 - 1959)
Store Torungen lighthouse, Arendal (1844)
Ytre Møkkalasset lighthouse, Arendal (1888 - 1986)
Lista Lighthouse, Farsund, Southern Norway (Photo by TMG)
Lista Lighthouse, Farsund (Photo by TMG)
Filtvet lighthouse, Hurum (1840 - 1985)

Leirvik lighthouse, Stord
Øksehamaren lighthouse, Austevoll (1849 - 1918)

Skansen fyr - near Trondheim, Norway (Photo Sven-Erik Knoff)
Skansen fyr - near Trondheim, Norway (Photo Sven-Erik Knoff)

Ytterholmen Lighthouse, Herøy (1912)

Dyna lighthouse, Oslo (1874)
Heggholmen lighthouse, Oslo (1827)
Kavringen lighthouse, Oslo (1892)

Eigerøy lighthouse, Eigersund (1854)
Geitungen lighthouse, Karmøy (1924)
Høgevarde lighthouse, Karmøy (1700 - 1902)
Kvassheim Lighthouse, (1912 - 1990)
Kvitsøy lighthouse, Kvitsøy (1700)
Lille Prestskjær lighthouse, Sokndal (1895 - 1973)
Sørhaugøy lighthouse, Haugesund (1846 - 1952)
Skudenes lighthouse, Karmøy (1799 - 1924)
Utsira lighthouse, Utsira (1844)
Vibberodden lighthouse, Eigersund (1855 - 1977)
Vikeholmen lighthouse, Karmøy (1849 - 1908)
Skongenes Lighthouse, Vågsøy (1870)
Stabben Lighthouse, Flora (1867)
Terningen Lighthouse, Hitra (1833)
Trondheim lighthouse
Vingleia Lighthouse, Frøya (1921 - 1985)
Trondheim Lighthouse (Photo Sven-Erik Knoff)
 Lighthouse Trondheim (Photo Sven-Erik Knoff)
Jomfruland lighthouse, Kragerø (1839)
Langøytangen lighthouse, Bamble (1839)

Bastøy Lighthouse, Horten (1840 - 1986)
Lille Færder lighthouse, Tjøme (1857)
Medfjordbåen lighthouse, Tønsberg
Store Færder lighthouse, Tjøme (1697 - 1857)
Torgersøy lighthouse, Tønsberg (1851 - 1890)
Tvistein Lighthouse, Larvik (1908)

Fugløykalven Lighthouse, Karlsøy (1920)
Hekkingen Lighthouse, Lenvik (1859)
Guldholmen lighthouse, Moss (1894 - 1984)
Homlungen lighthouse, Hvaler (1867)
Torbjørnskjær lighthouse, Hvaler (1872)

Source: Wikipedia - Lighthouses in Norway

Waterfalls in Norway

Experience, feel and be amazed with Norwegian waterfalls

Besides majestic fjords, spectacular glaciers, caves and ice caves, Norway’s nature beauty brings also over 30 scenic waterfalls that makes this country a superb tourist and adventure attraction.
Vøringsfossen Waterfall
Vøringsfossen Waterfall - Own photo
2. Espelandsfossen
3. Espelandsfossen (Odda)
4. Henfallet (Tydal, Sør-Trøndelag)
5. Kaggefoss
6. Kjelfossen
7. Kjeragfossen
8. Kjosfossen (Flåmsdalen, Sogn og Fjordane)
9. Kvinnefossen
10. Låtefossen
11. Langfossen (Etne, Hordaland)
12. Linndalsfossen (Åmotan, Møre og Romsdal)
13. Månafossen (Gjesdal, Rogaland)
14. Mardalsfossen (Eikesdalen, Møre og Romsdal)
15. Mongefossen
17. Reiårsfossen
18. Rjoandefossen
20. Rjukanfossen
21. Sarpefossen
22. Seven Sisters Waterfall (Geirangerfjorden, Møre og Romsdal) - UNESCO World Heritage
23. Skrikjofossen
25. Steinsdalsfossen
26. Søtefossen (Husedalen, Hordaland)
27. Tvindefossen
28. Tyssestrengene
29. Vettisfossen (Utladalen, Sogn og Fjordane)
30. Vinnufossen
31. Vøringfossen (Eidfjord, Hordaland)
Seven Sisters Waterfall (Geirangerfjorden)
Seven Sisters Waterfall (Geirangerfjorden) - Own photo

Glaciers, caves and ice caves in Norway

In Norway, the caves are mostly in Salten and Helgeland area and have all shapes and sizes.
Some are very narrow that one needs to really squeeze going through them, while others are like huge cathedrals with stalagmites, waterfalls and small lakes with fishes in them.
Inside a cave the temperature is around 5ºC all year round and inside the glacier is about -3ºC.
Nigardsbreen Glacier, Jostedal (Photo from Visit Norway)
Nigardsbreen Glacier, Jostedal (Photo from Visit Norway)

1. The giant glaciers in Svalbard contain huge hollows and melted water channels formed in the glaciers during the summer, which form a kind of blue world of rooms, tunnels and distinctive formations. During the winter these channels freeze, creating spectacular ice caves we can visit, they become stable, and one can enter some of the ice caves. The trips into the ice caves are led by certified guides and are suitable for all able-bodied people if you do not suffer from total claustrophobia.
A fascinating, indescribable excursion into a glacier - by snowmobile using powerful headlamps - through a dry, frozen melt water channel. This is a labyrinth of ice, with numerous blue and white ice formations, where everything looks as the work of a perfectionist.

2. Jostedal glacier - a spectacularly large, pristine ice cave beneath the Nigardsbreen region of Norway's Jostedal Glacier National Park.

Caves and ice caves:

1. Grønligrotta Cave - Grønligrotta is one of the largest and most visited caves in the Nordic region. This is also the only Nordic cave with electric lighting.

2. Jarlshola (The Cave of the Jarl) - Melhus in Sør-Trøndelag county

3. Radiohola - Halsnøy Isl. (1.5 - 2 kilometres inland, on the top of a small clearing surrounded by forests, and can not be seen from low ground, which made it an ideal hiding place used by the Norwegian resistance during the second world war).

4. Raggejavreraige cave - located in a mountain above the Hellemofjorden in the municipality of Tysfjord in Nordland county, near the lake Råggejávrre, ~2 kms South from the Musken village, and is a limestone cave that has been eroded by this underground river at 580 metres (1,900 ft) deep, being the deepest cave in Scandinavia and the only known deep cave North of the Arctic Circle.

5. Longyearbyen icecave - Svalbard - a unique adventure of 7 hours dogsledding to the magnificent icecave.

6. Setergrotta Cave - For the adventurous traveler, we recommend the two-hour guided tour of the Setergrotta Cave north of Mo i Rana. You can experience large Giant’s kettles, gigantic chambers, ice and limestone formations, narrow marble passages and an underground river.
The Magic White Caves (Photo: Gudvangen Fjordtel)
The Magic White Caves (Photo by Gudvangen Fjordtel)
7. The Magic White Caves of Gudvangen - inside the white mountain of Anorthosit, welcomes visitors with colours and darkness, silence and music, magic ponds, Grieg, Troll and Vikings.

8. The Troll's Church - One of the longest caves in Norway is a stone's throw from Harstad/ Narvik Airport Evenes.The cave is full of spectacular formations, large and small halls where the church hall is the heart of the whole cave system. Church hall can accommodate more than 100 people.
In the roof about 20 feet above us, we can see the reverse potholes from the time the entrance was only a few centimeters high about one million years ago, which makes the cave to one of the oldest in the country.

9. Tjoarvekrajgge (The Reindeer Antler Cave) - in the municipality of Sørfold in Nordland, has 502 m in depth, more than 20 kms length and is the longest cave in Scandinavia.