Saturday, May 3, 2014

Where to go

Norway is a unique country with a peculiar shape - long and thin - which makes it even more attractive and diverse in various aspects, and offers you the opportunity to enjoy a wide variety of idyllic settings and exciting activities.
Rainbow - Trondheim, Norway (Photo Sven-Erik Knoff)
Rainbow - Trondheim, Norway (Photo Sven-Erik Knoff)
The Southern part of Norway has very nice small towns and villages with verdant greenery, lakes with turquoise water warm enough to take a (quick) bath, wild beaches and cozy restaurants.
Lindesnes, Norway (Photo TMG)
Lindesnes, Norway (Photo TMG)
In the Northern part you'll be fascinated by wilderness, snow-capped mountain peaks, and salmon trout in the rivers.
Fram Museum - Bygdøy, Oslo
Fram Museum - Bygdøy, Oslo (Own photo)
If you are curious about Sami culture and powerful outdoor experiences in nature, then traveling to Norway is the right choice.
Here you can let yourself loose, letting your senses free, while taking a trip with a Sami family, admire burning fires in front of Sami huts, taste their delicious fried meat while listening to fascinating tales about sami people and their hard life, ancient traditions that where preserves and kept alive along the years, and legends about reindeer and mountains.

Also, besides famous scenic fjords, you and pay a visit to polar bears, spectacular glaciers (The Jostedal glacier), majestic waterfalls (in the Sognefjord region), etc.