Saturday, May 10, 2014


Traveling to Norway blog is created from a big passion for tourism activities and a sudden fall for Norway - a spectacular country crammed with history, nature scenic beauty, art, culture, wilderness, serenity, all appealing for a lifetime adventure.
Reine, Lofoten - Norway (Photo by Geir-Inge Buschmann)
Reine, Lofoten - Norway (Photo by Geir-Inge Buschmann)
Traveling to Norway is dedicated to anyone willing to:
- explore fascinating fjords, see amazing landscapes with majestic mountain peaks covered by snow, and get amazing photos;
- experience the Midnight sun and the Arctic wilderness catching the stunning phenomenon of Northern lights, sleeping on reindeer skins in a hut (wooden cabin) or lavvo (Sami tent) in an uninhabited area with no artificial light surrounded by the scent of a campfire;
- take a fjord cruise, see polar bears and experience safaris with sea eagles and whales from a close range;
- walk around Norwegian cities (Oslo, Bergen, Geiranger, Kvinesdal, Røros, Tromsø, Trondheim etc), visit museums and art galleries, discover hidden gems, admire superb old fashioned and innovative buildings, as well, or join local festivals;
- explore secluded villages and farms undisturbed by traffic noise wilderness and crowded places;
- step ashore genuine small fishing villages surrounded by tranquility and calm waters, watching squawking seagulls flying above turquoise shimmering waters;
- learn about Norwegian people, history and old traces of Vikings;
- trekking thru natural parks and mystic forests, go fishing into foggy rivers or experience Glacier hiking;
- listen to joik (Sami culture music) or traditional and modern Norwegian songs;
- let yourself loose skiing on curvy slopes feeling the ice cold clear air on your face;
- enjoy listening to legends about vikings and trolls fairy tales while tasting a delicious moose soup, pickled herring, brown cheese, smoked reindeer or salmon trout with baked potatoes;
- join the adventure taking a day trip reindeer safari, see king crabs and the ancient musk ox, diving or explore magnificent waterfalls and caves;
- breath some morning fresh air admiring lighthouses, taking long walks on a shore at sunset,
and sooooo many more...
Reine, Lofoten - Norway (Photo by Geir-Inge Buschmann)
Reine, Lofoten - Norway (Photo by Geir-Inge Buschmann)
Reading these pages I wish you can sense a bit more the taste of the idyllic Norway and its magnificent views over mountains and sky, finding yourself charmed by old legends of vikings, locally produced food, taking breathtaking captures over fjords delights, getting a full excited spirit willing for adventure and fresh air, all in all fascinated by the unique atmosphere of this spectacular Scandinavian country, and you'll definitely put Norway as your next travel destination! : )

Enjoy traveling to Norway and discover amazing treasures of this picturesque land, full of style and elegance while getting a real Norwegian holiday experience!

Still working on Traveling to Norway content and hope that soon you’ll find throughout these pages some valuable information, interesting hints and stunning photos. : )