Sunday, May 11, 2014

Themed activities

Traveling to Norway you can participate to various and unique themed activities, specially created to offer you the chance to explore your passions and special interests, even follow your dreams, with dedicated and knowledgeable guides in their (sometimes niche) fields.
Flam - Myrdal
Flam - Myrdal (Own photo)
So, if you wish to join a themed trip in Norway, here are some possibilities to opt for:
- Arctic summer adventure;
- art;
- bird watching;
- chasing the Aurora/ Northern Lights;
- Christian tours;
- Fjord cruise;
- fishing;
- mushrooms;
- National treasures; 
- Norwegian food/ culinary tours;
- Orca safaris;
- photography;
- sea eagle safaris;
- trips to Sami people;
- Norway winter cruises;
- the Midnight Sun (from May to end of July);
- the Viking experience; 
Musk oxen near Oppdal (Photo Sven-Erik Knoff)
Musk oxen near Oppdal (Photo Sven-Erik Knoff)
- wild animals observation;
- winter activities (Christmas market, dog sledding, ice hotel holidays, king crab safaris, Lapland winter tours, winter rail tours; snowmobile safaris, winter cruises etc);
- wellness and spa; 
and many more.