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Events and festivals in Norway

While traveling to Norway do not miss to have a fantastic experience attending various themed festivals and events in Norway, unique shows of art in all its forms when you can witness, and often be part of the artists creativity and talent that combines so wonderfully the music sounds, various colors, textures, revealing various emotions, and at the end bringing up joy and smiles.
Glass sculpture in the water - Opera House, Oslo, Norway
Glass sculpture in the water - Opera House, Oslo (Own photo)

Northern Lights Festival - Tromsø - Classical and contemporary music performances by musicians from Norway and abroad. Late January (23 January - 01 February 2015).


Kristiansund Opera Festival - Featuring Kristiansund Opera's productions of opera and ballet, plus art exhibitions, concerts, and other events. Early February.

Ice Music Festival - Geilo (5 - 8 February 2015).
The Ice Music Festival’s aesthetics, music and nature, melt together under the first full moon of the year.


Birkebeiner Race - Rena to Lillehammer - This historic international ski race, with thousands of participants, crosses the mountains between Rena and Lillehammer, site of the 1994 Olympics. It's a 53km (33 mile) cross-country trek. Tel. 41772900. Mid-March.

Holmenkollen Ski Festival - Oslo - One of Europe's largest ski festivals, with World Cup Nordic skiing and biathlons, international ski-jumping competitions, and Norway's largest cross-country race for amateurs. Held at Holmenkollen Ski Jump on the outskirts of Oslo. Tel. 22923200; early March.

Narvik WinterFestival - Sports events, carnivals, concerts, and opera performances highlight this festival dedicated to those who built the railway across northern Norway and Sweden. Tel. 76950350. Second week of March to mid April.


Inferno Festival - Oslo - for fans of heavy metal music

Stavanger Vinfest - Bars and restaurants in central Stavanger - A week long wine festival lets you get merry for less as well as giving you the chance to see a bit more of one of Norway’s prettiest cities. Free.

Voss Jazz Festival - Three days of jazz and folk music performances by European and American artists. Tel. 56529911. First week of April.


Bergen International Festival (Bergen Festspill) - A world-class music event, featuring artists from Norway and around the world. This is one of the largest annual musical events in Scandinavia. Held at various venues in Bergen. Tel. 55210630. Late May to early June.


Emigration Festival - Stavanger - A festive commemoration of Norwegian emigration to North America, with exhibitions, concerts, theater, and folklore. Mid-June.

Emigration Festival - Kvinesdal - Commemorates the Norwegian emigration to the United States. Late June to early July.

Extreme Sports Week - Voss - 7 days of outdoor sporting events (box biking, climbing, hang gliding, jumping, skydiving are accompanied by a program of live music).

Faerder Sailing Race - Some 1,000 sailboats participate in this race, which ends in Borre, by the Oslofjord. Tel. 23275600; Mid-June.

Midsummer Night, nationwide - Celebrations and bonfires explode all over Norway in honor of the midnight sun. June 23.

Midnight Sun Marathon - Tromsø - This marathon in northern Norway starts at midnight and draws eager runners from over 30 countries. Tel. 77673363; Mid-June.

North Cape March - This trek from Honningsvåg to the North Cape is one of the world's toughest. The round-trip march is 68 km (42 miles) long. Mid-June.

Exxon Mobil Bislett Games - Oslo - International athletic competitions are staged in Oslo, with professional participants from all over the world. Tel. 22591759, Early to mid-July.

Forde Folk Music Festival - Each July, the small coastal town of Forde in the west of Norway hosts the Forde Folk Music Festival. Bringing together an array of regional, national and international performers, this is a great setting for this fun weekend music festival.

Kongsberg International Jazz Festival - International artists participate in one of the most important jazz festivals in Scandinavia, with open-air concerts. Tel. 32733166; early July.

Riddu Riddu Festival - Kafjord in Norway's Arctic Tundra, Kafjord - Promoting a truly eclectic program including artists and performers from all over the world, the Riddu Riddu Festival is a celebration of indigenous cultures. Originally organised by the coastal Sami people of northern Norway, the event has grown over the years to become an international celebration featuring everything from local Sami dance and poetry to Aboriginal dances and rituals from Australia. The fact that this modest event takes place in the near permanent summer daylight in Kafjord in Norway's Arctic Tundra makes this festival all the more magical.

Molde International Jazz Festival - The "City of Roses" is the site of Norway's oldest jazz festival. It attracts international stars from both sides of the Atlantic every year and is held at venues in Molde for 6 days. Tel. 71203150; Mid-July.

Norway Cup International Youth Soccer Tournament - Oslo - The world's largest youth soccer tournament attracts 1,000 teams from around the world to Oslo. Tel. 22289057. Late July to early August.
Concert (Photo Sven-Erik Knoff)
Concert (Photo Sven-Erik Knoff)

Chamber MusicFestival - Oslo - Norwegian and foreign musicians perform at Oslo's Akershus Castle and Fortress, which dates from A.D. 1300. Tel. 23100730; mid-August.

Music - Oya Festival 2014 - Oslo - in the Medieval Park)// 5 - 9 August 2014. This is a boutique festival held in the Medieval Park in Oslo - the place where the capital of Norway was founded a thousand years ago - a scenic spot surrounded by the Oslo fjord to the south, the Ekeberg Hill to the east, and the ever-expanding Oslo skyline to the west. On the premises you’ll find, also, the ruins of the Maria Church built in 11th century.

Norwegian Film Festival - Haugesund - This popular event is a who's who of the Nordic film world and attracts directors, actors, buyers and others associated with the film industry from all over the world. 'New Nordic Films' is a separate strand of the festival which is the premiere meeting and market place for international distributors, buyers, festival programmers and curators interested in new, Norwegian features. And a traditional Nordic market is now also a popular addition to the festival program. 

Oslo Jazz Festival - This annual festival features music from the earliest years of jazz (1920-25), as well as classical concerts, opera, and ballet. Tel. 81530555; second week of August.

Peer Gynt Festival - Vinstra - Art exhibitions, evenings of music and song, parades in national costumes, and other events honor Ibsen's fictional character. Tel. 61294770; early August.

The annual Shellfish Festival - Mandal - Don't miss this festival in the second weekend in August, 7 - 10. If you are a seafood lover, then this is absolutely the place to be!

Telemark International Folk Music Festival - Bø - An international festival of folk music and folk dance takes place in the home of many famous fiddlers, dancers, and singers. Tel. 33951919; early August.


Oslo Marathon - This annual event draws some of Norway's best long-distance runners. Tel. 22693120-21. Mid-September.


Insomnia Festival - Sleepless in Tromsø - a music festival where lack of sleep will be very welcome from 25 to 27 October.


Oslo International Film Festival - for 10 days, the city of Oslo presents the best in independent cinema from Norwegian and international artists.

Lucia - Norwegians celebrate the turning of the winter on a day which sees the longest night in the lunar calendar. In every town across the country, a woman is crowned Princess Lucia and given the task of serving bread, cookies and coffee to the people who observe the sun rising on a day which is considered highly significant in Norwegian culture.

Nobel Peace Prize Ceremony - Oslo - A major event on the Oslo calendar, attracting world attention. Attendance is by invitation only. Tel. 22129300. Held at Oslo City Hall. December 10.

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