Saturday, May 3, 2014


Norwegian most impressive roads:

Trolls Road, Norway
Trolls Road, Norway (Own photo)
- Briksdal - the largest glacier in Europe- Eagle Road,
- Laerdal tunnel - the longest in the world,
- Skredstova - the avalanche house,
- Stalheim Canyon,
- the Trolls Road,
- the railway Flam - Myrdal,
- The Norwegian Booktown (in Mundal),
- The Pulpit Rock (Preikestolen),
and many more.
Trollstigen (Trolls ladder)
Trollstigen (Trolls ladder) - Own photo
Do not hesitate to ask for the best advice from the local Tourist Information Offices, Travel Agencies and Tour Operators in Norway for most idyllic settings and exciting activities.

Lindesnes Lighthouse, Southern Norway (Photo TMG)
Lindesnes Lighthouse, Southern Norway (Photo TMG)