Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The Viking swords in Stavanger

The Viking swords - Sverd i Fjell - experience a special feeling with a fine touch of history, adventure and local Norwegian culture and pay a visit to Stavanger Swords Monument.

The Viking swords in Stavanger - Sverd i Fjell
Photo source: vilagutazo.blog

The Three Viking Swords' (the 3 bronze swords) monument, located near Stavanger – with one tall sword and 2 smaller, has 10 meters tall and the swords are planted into the rock of a small hill next to the fjord - was created by sculptor Friz Røed (1928-2002) and unveiled by king Olav in 1983.

The monument has a double meaning:

1. Was built to commemorate over 1000 years since king Harald Hårfagre won the battle of Hafrsfjord in the year 872, and start building Norway as a new state uniting citizens into a new kingdom.

2. Symbolizes peace, unity and freedom - the swords are planted into solid rock and they may never be removed.
The largest sword represents the victorious king Harald, and the other two swords, smaller, are representing the defeated kings.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

A Norwegian culinary voyage

Food is a total pleasure and experience of all your senses, and where this might be felt utmost than in a perfect atmosphere, with view across a scenic fjord, the scent from a cracking log fire, a beautiful room and special company, the delicate waves sound coming from nearby beach or the chill air from a cold winter night while being protected by a warm glow surrounded by a variety of natural scents...

Dare to experience Norwegian traditional cuisine, a flavorful journey from apple groves and salmon walking through to the mountain creeks and admiring crystal clear waters with turquoise shades or simply sitting down enjoying a delicious meal.

Lot of fun, unbelievable taste of Norwegian homemade food or prepared by experienced chefs in cozy restaurants following traditional recipes kept secret by centuries, and one thousand flavors...
Norway's culinary traditions show the influence of long seafaring and farming traditions with salmon (fresh and cured), herring (pickled or marinated), trout, codfish and other seafood balanced by cheeses, dairy products and breads (predominantly dark/ darker).
Tasty Norwegian fish meal
Lutefisk (Own photo)
Lefse is a Norwegian potato flatbread, usually topped with large amounts of butter and sugar, most common prepared around Christmas. Some traditional Norwegian dishes include lutefisk, smalahove, pinnekjøtt, raspeball and fårikål (mutton, lamb ribs, potato dumplings and mutton stew).

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Norwegian traditions

In Norway are many customs that may be different compared to visitor's home country, and here you may find some hints about:

- Norwegians tend to be egalitarian, private, and noncompetitive, and treat genders equally,
- Keeping calm and not displaying strong emotions in public are common virtues in Norway,
- Norwegians are not impressed by titles and formal positions, and are famously direct (getting straight to the point) and informal,
- Authoritarian manners and boasting are disliked and will cause disrespect,
- Personal space is respected,
- Being punctual is a matter of showing respect and is very important for business and private meetings,
- Norwegians generally have a reserved body language and may appear as cold or aloof,
- Competition is downplayed in most settings,
- Work and leisure is kept strictly apart,
- Norwegians are generally modest and easy-going, and don't adhere to strict codes of politeness, but table manners are important,
- Words like "sorry" and "please" are not used frequently but once used, polite remarks are sincere,
- Norwegians greet and give sincere thanks with a firm handshake, and formal business meetings are often introduced and concluded with short handshakes,
- Cheek-kissing is uncommon except among very close friends (then more like a gentle hug),
- Norwegians are reserved, informal and can be surprisingly direct,
- Norwegians take great pride in being sporty and fit. 
Trondheim - "active sunset" (Photo Sven-Erik Knoff)
Trondheim - "active sunset" (Photo Sven-Erik Knoff)
Dress codes
- Norwegians are notoriously informal, particularly in clothing, and they don't usually dress smart for work, going casually most of the time,
- Norwegians find it perfectly natural to wear sport clothes and rucksack anywhere.

Food, meals and alcohol
- Bread and potatoes are basic food stuff in most homes,
- Open sandwiches (slices of dark bread with meat, jam or whatever spread) is a the most common way of eating,
-  There is a tradition of not drinking on week days, and the regular consumption consists in coffee or tea,
- Wine, strong beers and spirits can be purchased by the bottle only at the state liquor store (Vinmonopolet).

Info sources: TripAdvisor and Culture of Norway 

Themed activities

Traveling to Norway you can participate to various and unique themed activities, specially created to offer you the chance to explore your passions and special interests, even follow your dreams, with dedicated and knowledgeable guides in their (sometimes niche) fields.
Flam - Myrdal
Flam - Myrdal (Own photo)
So, if you wish to join a themed trip in Norway, here are some possibilities to opt for:
- Arctic summer adventure;
- art;
- bird watching;
- chasing the Aurora/ Northern Lights;
- Christian tours;
- Fjord cruise;
- fishing;
- mushrooms;
- National treasures; 
- Norwegian food/ culinary tours;
- Orca safaris;
- photography;
- sea eagle safaris;
- trips to Sami people;
- Norway winter cruises;
- the Midnight Sun (from May to end of July);
- the Viking experience; 
Musk oxen near Oppdal (Photo Sven-Erik Knoff)
Musk oxen near Oppdal (Photo Sven-Erik Knoff)
- wild animals observation;
- winter activities (Christmas market, dog sledding, ice hotel holidays, king crab safaris, Lapland winter tours, winter rail tours; snowmobile safaris, winter cruises etc);
- wellness and spa; 
and many more.

Saturday, May 10, 2014


Traveling to Norway blog is created from a big passion for tourism activities and a sudden fall for Norway - a spectacular country crammed with history, nature scenic beauty, art, culture, wilderness, serenity, all appealing for a lifetime adventure.
Reine, Lofoten - Norway (Photo by Geir-Inge Buschmann)
Reine, Lofoten - Norway (Photo by Geir-Inge Buschmann)
Traveling to Norway is dedicated to anyone willing to:
- explore fascinating fjords, see amazing landscapes with majestic mountain peaks covered by snow, and get amazing photos;
- experience the Midnight sun and the Arctic wilderness catching the stunning phenomenon of Northern lights, sleeping on reindeer skins in a hut (wooden cabin) or lavvo (Sami tent) in an uninhabited area with no artificial light surrounded by the scent of a campfire;
- take a fjord cruise, see polar bears and experience safaris with sea eagles and whales from a close range;
- walk around Norwegian cities (Oslo, Bergen, Geiranger, Kvinesdal, Røros, Tromsø, Trondheim etc), visit museums and art galleries, discover hidden gems, admire superb old fashioned and innovative buildings, as well, or join local festivals;
- explore secluded villages and farms undisturbed by traffic noise wilderness and crowded places;
- step ashore genuine small fishing villages surrounded by tranquility and calm waters, watching squawking seagulls flying above turquoise shimmering waters;
- learn about Norwegian people, history and old traces of Vikings;
- trekking thru natural parks and mystic forests, go fishing into foggy rivers or experience Glacier hiking;
- listen to joik (Sami culture music) or traditional and modern Norwegian songs;
- let yourself loose skiing on curvy slopes feeling the ice cold clear air on your face;
- enjoy listening to legends about vikings and trolls fairy tales while tasting a delicious moose soup, pickled herring, brown cheese, smoked reindeer or salmon trout with baked potatoes;
- join the adventure taking a day trip reindeer safari, see king crabs and the ancient musk ox, diving or explore magnificent waterfalls and caves;
- breath some morning fresh air admiring lighthouses, taking long walks on a shore at sunset,
and sooooo many more...
Reine, Lofoten - Norway (Photo by Geir-Inge Buschmann)
Reine, Lofoten - Norway (Photo by Geir-Inge Buschmann)
Reading these pages I wish you can sense a bit more the taste of the idyllic Norway and its magnificent views over mountains and sky, finding yourself charmed by old legends of vikings, locally produced food, taking breathtaking captures over fjords delights, getting a full excited spirit willing for adventure and fresh air, all in all fascinated by the unique atmosphere of this spectacular Scandinavian country, and you'll definitely put Norway as your next travel destination! : )

Enjoy traveling to Norway and discover amazing treasures of this picturesque land, full of style and elegance while getting a real Norwegian holiday experience!

Still working on Traveling to Norway content and hope that soon you’ll find throughout these pages some valuable information, interesting hints and stunning photos. : )

Friday, May 9, 2014

Events and festivals in Norway

While traveling to Norway do not miss to have a fantastic experience attending various themed festivals and events in Norway, unique shows of art in all its forms when you can witness, and often be part of the artists creativity and talent that combines so wonderfully the music sounds, various colors, textures, revealing various emotions, and at the end bringing up joy and smiles.
Glass sculpture in the water - Opera House, Oslo, Norway
Glass sculpture in the water - Opera House, Oslo (Own photo)

Northern Lights Festival - Tromsø - Classical and contemporary music performances by musicians from Norway and abroad. Late January (23 January - 01 February 2015).


Kristiansund Opera Festival - Featuring Kristiansund Opera's productions of opera and ballet, plus art exhibitions, concerts, and other events. Early February.

Ice Music Festival - Geilo (5 - 8 February 2015).
The Ice Music Festival’s aesthetics, music and nature, melt together under the first full moon of the year.


Birkebeiner Race - Rena to Lillehammer - This historic international ski race, with thousands of participants, crosses the mountains between Rena and Lillehammer, site of the 1994 Olympics. It's a 53km (33 mile) cross-country trek. Tel. 41772900. Mid-March.

Holmenkollen Ski Festival - Oslo - One of Europe's largest ski festivals, with World Cup Nordic skiing and biathlons, international ski-jumping competitions, and Norway's largest cross-country race for amateurs. Held at Holmenkollen Ski Jump on the outskirts of Oslo. Tel. 22923200; early March.

Narvik WinterFestival - Sports events, carnivals, concerts, and opera performances highlight this festival dedicated to those who built the railway across northern Norway and Sweden. Tel. 76950350. Second week of March to mid April.


Inferno Festival - Oslo - for fans of heavy metal music

Stavanger Vinfest - Bars and restaurants in central Stavanger - A week long wine festival lets you get merry for less as well as giving you the chance to see a bit more of one of Norway’s prettiest cities. Free.

Voss Jazz Festival - Three days of jazz and folk music performances by European and American artists. Tel. 56529911. First week of April.


Bergen International Festival (Bergen Festspill) - A world-class music event, featuring artists from Norway and around the world. This is one of the largest annual musical events in Scandinavia. Held at various venues in Bergen. Tel. 55210630. Late May to early June.


Emigration Festival - Stavanger - A festive commemoration of Norwegian emigration to North America, with exhibitions, concerts, theater, and folklore. Mid-June.

Emigration Festival - Kvinesdal - Commemorates the Norwegian emigration to the United States. Late June to early July.

Extreme Sports Week - Voss - 7 days of outdoor sporting events (box biking, climbing, hang gliding, jumping, skydiving are accompanied by a program of live music).

Faerder Sailing Race - Some 1,000 sailboats participate in this race, which ends in Borre, by the Oslofjord. Tel. 23275600; Mid-June.

Midsummer Night, nationwide - Celebrations and bonfires explode all over Norway in honor of the midnight sun. June 23.

Midnight Sun Marathon - Tromsø - This marathon in northern Norway starts at midnight and draws eager runners from over 30 countries. Tel. 77673363; Mid-June.

North Cape March - This trek from Honningsvåg to the North Cape is one of the world's toughest. The round-trip march is 68 km (42 miles) long. Mid-June.

Exxon Mobil Bislett Games - Oslo - International athletic competitions are staged in Oslo, with professional participants from all over the world. Tel. 22591759, www.bislettgames.com. Early to mid-July.

Forde Folk Music Festival - Each July, the small coastal town of Forde in the west of Norway hosts the Forde Folk Music Festival. Bringing together an array of regional, national and international performers, this is a great setting for this fun weekend music festival.

Kongsberg International Jazz Festival - International artists participate in one of the most important jazz festivals in Scandinavia, with open-air concerts. Tel. 32733166; early July.

Riddu Riddu Festival - Kafjord in Norway's Arctic Tundra, Kafjord - Promoting a truly eclectic program including artists and performers from all over the world, the Riddu Riddu Festival is a celebration of indigenous cultures. Originally organised by the coastal Sami people of northern Norway, the event has grown over the years to become an international celebration featuring everything from local Sami dance and poetry to Aboriginal dances and rituals from Australia. The fact that this modest event takes place in the near permanent summer daylight in Kafjord in Norway's Arctic Tundra makes this festival all the more magical.

Molde International Jazz Festival - The "City of Roses" is the site of Norway's oldest jazz festival. It attracts international stars from both sides of the Atlantic every year and is held at venues in Molde for 6 days. Tel. 71203150; Mid-July.

Norway Cup International Youth Soccer Tournament - Oslo - The world's largest youth soccer tournament attracts 1,000 teams from around the world to Oslo. Tel. 22289057. Late July to early August.
Concert (Photo Sven-Erik Knoff)
Concert (Photo Sven-Erik Knoff)

Chamber MusicFestival - Oslo - Norwegian and foreign musicians perform at Oslo's Akershus Castle and Fortress, which dates from A.D. 1300. Tel. 23100730; mid-August.

Music - Oya Festival 2014 - Oslo - in the Medieval Park)// 5 - 9 August 2014. This is a boutique festival held in the Medieval Park in Oslo - the place where the capital of Norway was founded a thousand years ago - a scenic spot surrounded by the Oslo fjord to the south, the Ekeberg Hill to the east, and the ever-expanding Oslo skyline to the west. On the premises you’ll find, also, the ruins of the Maria Church built in 11th century.

Norwegian Film Festival - Haugesund - This popular event is a who's who of the Nordic film world and attracts directors, actors, buyers and others associated with the film industry from all over the world. 'New Nordic Films' is a separate strand of the festival which is the premiere meeting and market place for international distributors, buyers, festival programmers and curators interested in new, Norwegian features. And a traditional Nordic market is now also a popular addition to the festival program. 

Oslo Jazz Festival - This annual festival features music from the earliest years of jazz (1920-25), as well as classical concerts, opera, and ballet. Tel. 81530555; second week of August.

Peer Gynt Festival - Vinstra - Art exhibitions, evenings of music and song, parades in national costumes, and other events honor Ibsen's fictional character. Tel. 61294770; early August.

The annual Shellfish Festival - Mandal - Don't miss this festival in the second weekend in August, 7 - 10. If you are a seafood lover, then this is absolutely the place to be!

Telemark International Folk Music Festival - Bø - An international festival of folk music and folk dance takes place in the home of many famous fiddlers, dancers, and singers. Tel. 33951919; early August.


Oslo Marathon - This annual event draws some of Norway's best long-distance runners. Tel. 22693120-21. Mid-September.


Insomnia Festival - Sleepless in Tromsø - a music festival where lack of sleep will be very welcome from 25 to 27 October.


Oslo International Film Festival - for 10 days, the city of Oslo presents the best in independent cinema from Norwegian and international artists.

Lucia - Norwegians celebrate the turning of the winter on a day which sees the longest night in the lunar calendar. In every town across the country, a woman is crowned Princess Lucia and given the task of serving bread, cookies and coffee to the people who observe the sun rising on a day which is considered highly significant in Norwegian culture.

Nobel Peace Prize Ceremony - Oslo - A major event on the Oslo calendar, attracting world attention. Attendance is by invitation only. Tel. 22129300. Held at Oslo City Hall. December 10.

Source: Frommers, HotelTravel and Worldtravelguide

Thursday, May 8, 2014

The phenomenal northern lights - in pictures

Famous people from Norway

- painters: Johan Christian Dahl, Kitty Kielland, Frits Thaulow, Christian Krohg, Edvard Munch (“Scream”), Harald Sohlberg (“Røros” and “Odd Nerdrum”).

- Stein Halvorson and Christian Sundby (“the Sami Parliament in Kárášjohka”).

- poets: Bragi Boddason and Eyvindr skáldaspillir;
- authors: Petter Dass, Ludvig Holberg, Henrik Wergeland, Peter Christen Asbjørnsen, Jørgen Moe and Camilla Collett, Henrik Ibsen (“Peer Gynt”), Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson (won Nobel prize), Alexander Kielland, Jonas Lie, and many more.

- classical music -  romantic composers: Edvard Grieg, Rikard Nordraak and Johan Svendsen:
- folk music: Hardanger fiddlers Andrea Een, Olav Jørgen Hegge, Annbjørg Lien, Agnes Buen Garnås, Kirsten Bråten Berg and Odd Nordstoga;
- modern music of Arne Nordheim - Norwegian black metal, and heavy metal bands as: Darkthrone, Mayhem, Burzum, Emperor, Gorgoroth, Immortal, and Dimmu Borgir;
- jazz: Jan Garbarek, Terje Rypdal, Mari Boine, Arild Andersen, Bugge Wesseltoft, Paal Nilssen-Love, Supersilent, Jaga Jazzist and Wibutee;
- modern pop bands, internationally recognized: A-ha and Röyksopp.

- mathematicians: Niels Henrik Abel, Sophus Lie and Atle Selberg;
- physical chemist: Lars Onsager;
- physicist: Ivar Giaever;
- chemists: Odd Hassel, Peter Waage and Cato Maximilian Guldberg;
- economists Ragnar Frisch, Trygve Haavelmo and Finn E. Kydland;
- Arne Næss, a philosopher and founder of deep ecology;
- Johan Galtung, the founder of peace studies;
- criminologists: Nils Christie and Thomas Mathiesen;
- social anthropologist: Fredrik Barth;
- sociologists: Vilhelm Aubert, Harriet Holter and Erik Grønseth;
- Tove Stang Dahl, a pioneer of women's law;
- Stein Rokkan, a political scientist.

The largest cities of Norway

The biggest 20 cities in Norway (by county) are as following:

The largest cities of Norway
Photo source: Google

  1. Oslo - Oslo
  2. Bergen - Hordaland
  3. Stavanger/ Sandnes - Rogaland
  4. Trondheim - Sør-Trøndelag
  5. Fredrikstad/ Sarpsborg - Østfold
  6. Drammen - Buskerud
  7. Porsgrunn/ Skien - Telemark
  8. Kristiansand - Vest-Agder
  9. Tromsø - Troms
10. Tønsberg - Vestfold
11. Ålesund - Møre og Romsdal
12. Haugesund - Rogaland
13. Moss - Østfold
14. Sandefjord - Vestfold
15. Bodø - Nordland
16. Arendal - Aust-Agder
17. Hamar - Hedmark
18. Larvik - Vestfold
19. Halden - Østfold
20. Lillehammer - Oppland

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Lighthouse Holiday in Norway

Lighthouse Holiday in Norway

Lindesnes lighthouse (Lindesnes Fyr) - Southern Norway

A night at a night house sounds to be a legendary experience, right? But it is possible to do all over Norway. Lighthouses offering accommodation can be found all along the coast of Norway, from Vardø in the north to the Grimstad in the south.

Until quite recently lighthouses were manned and keepers lived in them. But by the 1990s automation had largely taken over and the living quarters were abandoned.

Today more than 60 historic lighthouses have found new roles offering accommodation to travellers in search of something a little bit different.
For a fan of fresh air and sea views, a lighthouse is a unique holiday home. Usually you live in the keeper’s cottage where you can make your own meals.

Among many, Haugjegla Lighthouse in Smøla in Nordmøre,Ryvarden Lighthouse near Haugesund and Kråkenes Lighthouse in Stryn and Nordfjord are three lighthouses that offer accommodation.

At some lighthouses you will be entirely alone on your own personal rock. Elsewhere you will become part of the local community. The small coastal villages tend to be extremely hospitable places, and a stay at a lighthouse may also involve late nights at the local pub or fishing with the local fishermen.

The lighthouses’ extraordinary locations and striking designs have enormous evocative power. In Norway the sense of history is especially powerful. After all, the sea and ships have for ages been the very lifeblood of the coast.

Article source: The Nordic Page The Nordic Page
Photo source: offered for posting by a special friend from private gallery

Why Norway is the greatest place on Earth

Why Norway is the greatest place on Earth 


Web PICT0963The Huffington Post just published an article/photo series headlined "25 Reasons why Norway is the Greatest Place on Earth", stating that Norway is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful places one can visit.

- It's home to more natural wonders than we can count and it has stunning cities, fascinating history and really happy people. Norway's not cheap. But it's worth it, the Post states.
It then goes on to present 25 top destinations, illustrated with photos. Among them:
Hornindalsvatnet - the deepest lake in Europe.
The Norwegian Fjords.
The Midnight Sun.
The Northern Lights.
Skiing in summer.
The Huffington Post also mentions the special Norwegian law called "allemannsrett":
- Allemannsrett literally translates to "all men's rights." It's a "freedom to roam" public rights law that allows the right of access to and passage through all uncultivated land. This means you can pitch a tent or hike through any land that is "utmark" (non-cultivated). Also, wild-berrying is permitted everywhere. This little rule is extra awesome because there tons of jaw-droppingly beautiful places to see in Norway and few barriers stopping you.

Article and photo source: Norway Post

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Coffee time!

Enjoy a delicious flavored coffee made from the finest ingredients at a lovely cafe!

What about a moose salad and a yummy cappuccino? : )
Own photo
Make your trip unique letting yourself loose at a cozy coffee shop or tavern, listen to traditional folk music or a modern one, as you like most, find the perfect seat with a panoramic view over a beach, a lighthouse, a majestic fjord or just watch people passing by, witness the sunset letting yourself surrounded by sounds, textures, and delicate coffee flavor.

It is said that, coffee, plays an important role in Norwegian culture, Norway being the 2nd highest consumer in the world, and the traditional way of serving coffee here is plain black, in a mug.

Norway travel agencies and cruise lines

Here are some travel agencies, tour operators and cruise lines in Norway
(sorted in alphabetical order, by city/ location)

62 NORD   -   Ålesund

Andøy Reiseliv   -   Andenes

Aure Reiseservice AS   -   Aure

Haugesund Travel AS   -   Avaldsnes
KTM group & meeting AS   -   Avaldsnes

Best of Scandinavia   -   Beitostolen

Østerås Reisebrå   -   Bekkestua

Chillout Travel Center   -   Bergen
Cruisespesialisten AS   -   Bergen
European Cruise Service   -   Bergen
Ferie Reiser Bergen AS   -   Bergen
Fjord Norway   -   Bergen
Norled AS   -   Bergen
The Travel Designer AS   -   Bergen
Time Out Travel AS   -   Bergen
Travel Planners of Scandinavia AS   -   Bergen
Berg-Hansen Reisebureau AS   -   Bergen/ Tønsberg
Fjord Travel Norway   -   Nesttun, Bergen
Ticket Feriereiser AS   -   Loddefjord, Bergen

SeaDream Yacht Club   -   Billingstad

Try Norway   -   Drammen

Dalane Reisesenter AS   -   Eigersund
Fjord Line AS   -   Eigersund

Farsund Næringsselskap AS   -   Farsund

Flåm Utvvikling   -   Flåm

Geilo Ski Centre AS   -   Geilo

Robinson Scandinavia   -   Gjovik

Trolltunga Adventures - Hardanger

Skeisvang Gjestgiveri A/S   -   Haugesund

Hemsedal Turisttrafikklag   -   Hemsedal

Norwegian Roots & Travel   -   Hosteland 

VIP Transport AS   -   Jessheim

Skatyejakt AS   -    Kardemomme Bay

TrollAktiv   -   Kristiansand
VikingBad AS   -   Kristiansand

Spitsbergen Travel AS   -   Longyearbyen, Svalbard

Sørlandsbadet   -   Lyngdal

Tur Retur Reiser AS   -   Lysaker

World Travel   -   Lysaker

Tregde Ferie AS   -   Mandal

Nordic Incoming   -   Nordkisa

NoreFri Booking AS   -   Noresund

AE Tours   -   Oslo
Authentic Scandinavia AS   -   Oslo
Chillout Travel Center   -   Oslo
Ethiopian Tours & Travels AS   -   Oslo
Event Travel AS   -   Oslo
Pilegrimskontoret   -   Oslo
Reisehuset AS   -   Oslo
Stena Line   -   Oslo

Destinasjon Røros   -   Røros

Come on Travel AS   -   Sandvika
Feelgood & Ladies Travel   -   Sandvika

Star Tour Norge   -   Stabekk

Tide Sjo   -   Stavanger

Stokkøya Sjøsenter AS   -   Stokkøy

Reisebyrået Stord Eyvind Nitter AS   -   Stord

Malangen Brygger   -   Tromsø
Tromsø Villmarkssenter   -   Tromsø

Nordic Experience   -   Trondheim
Travelnet Reisevarehuset AS   -   Trondheim

Aure Reiseservice AS   -   Trout

Ulsmo AS   -   Ulsteinvik

Norwegian Wildlife & Rafting   -   Vågå

Voss og fjordane Guideservice AS   -   Voss

Blue Duck Tours   -   Bucharest   -   connecting Norway with Romania

Where to go

Norway is a unique country with a peculiar shape - long and thin - which makes it even more attractive and diverse in various aspects, and offers you the opportunity to enjoy a wide variety of idyllic settings and exciting activities.
Rainbow - Trondheim, Norway (Photo Sven-Erik Knoff)
Rainbow - Trondheim, Norway (Photo Sven-Erik Knoff)
The Southern part of Norway has very nice small towns and villages with verdant greenery, lakes with turquoise water warm enough to take a (quick) bath, wild beaches and cozy restaurants.
Lindesnes, Norway (Photo TMG)
Lindesnes, Norway (Photo TMG)
In the Northern part you'll be fascinated by wilderness, snow-capped mountain peaks, and salmon trout in the rivers.
Fram Museum - Bygdøy, Oslo
Fram Museum - Bygdøy, Oslo (Own photo)
If you are curious about Sami culture and powerful outdoor experiences in nature, then traveling to Norway is the right choice.
Here you can let yourself loose, letting your senses free, while taking a trip with a Sami family, admire burning fires in front of Sami huts, taste their delicious fried meat while listening to fascinating tales about sami people and their hard life, ancient traditions that where preserves and kept alive along the years, and legends about reindeer and mountains.

Also, besides famous scenic fjords, you and pay a visit to polar bears, spectacular glaciers (The Jostedal glacier), majestic waterfalls (in the Sognefjord region), etc.


Norwegian most impressive roads:

Trolls Road, Norway
Trolls Road, Norway (Own photo)
- Briksdal - the largest glacier in Europe- Eagle Road,
- Laerdal tunnel - the longest in the world,
- Skredstova - the avalanche house,
- Stalheim Canyon,
- the Trolls Road,
- the railway Flam - Myrdal,
- The Norwegian Booktown (in Mundal),
- The Pulpit Rock (Preikestolen),
and many more.
Trollstigen (Trolls ladder)
Trollstigen (Trolls ladder) - Own photo
Do not hesitate to ask for the best advice from the local Tourist Information Offices, Travel Agencies and Tour Operators in Norway for most idyllic settings and exciting activities.

Lindesnes Lighthouse, Southern Norway (Photo TMG)
Lindesnes Lighthouse, Southern Norway (Photo TMG)