Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Campings, huts, fisherman-cabins, sea and farm cottages in Norway

In Norway you'll stay in unique places, very different to where you live at home.
And, no doubt, you'll enjoy that... at fullest!

Usually, the Norwegian camping, huts or even fisherman cabins are located in remote places, either in a rural neighborhood, below the mountain peaks or by the sea, places where natural beauty is all around at its own peace. Fauna and flora are at their own place, it's peace and quiet, you can enjoy awesome mornings right in the middle of that scenic serenity, eventually spying some timid deers grazing peacefully, birdwatching.

Norwegian hut
Norwegian hut (Own photo)
The eye-catching wooden huts with greenish grass roofs have comfortable room areas in a more "rustic" way and in a carefully protected atmosphere being more concerned by the environment, right in the middle of the unbeatable and fantastic mountain scenery.
Here, the indoor space is giving you the sensation of being outdoors and is, somehow, a solace for the soul offering a romantic glow and a total tranquility of mind.

The fisherman-cabins, farm cabins, lake sea cottages and sea cottages are relatively small but with a magnificent view over the sea and access to fishing waters for any type of angler; have broad boards, timber details and, often, fish symbols, and are giving you the opportunity to go fishing and taste from yummy fish delicacies.
And most important, here you'll feel like time has stood still and you'll relax enjoying an out of the ordinary experience... your holiday!

The farm cottages (with ecological focus and original details well preserved) are sort of dwelling houses, sometimes with folk motifs on walls, with view across the fields, long valleys or mountainous terrain, and remnants from a sweet childhood spent at village, with hardworking yet cheerful and protective grandparents - perfect places for taking your time out from the hectic pace of everyday life and routine.

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